Guess I can call this another prototype wallpaper…


I didn’t planned to post it here or make this as wallpaper, but I think I’ll just post it here anyway. This illustration should able to fit 4k UHD screen. There’s isn’t any performance issue while making this illustration on Sony Vaio Duo 11.

This illustration is based on a photo I took recently… the photo quality isn’t good that I decided to make illustration instead of adding effects to this photo. Still, I wish I could draw like that guy in the photo.



Little update…

Right now I’m trying to make comparison between tablet PCs of 2 generations (Asus Eee Slate EP121 vs Vaio Duo 11). Actually, I already took some videos which in my opinion matter the most, and having little trouble on editing. Right now the comparison covers these area: Booting and shutting down, digital illustration (stylus performance and processing performance), photo managing, after effects rendering, PC transforming and word processing. If you have any idea for making useful comparison please leave me a comment in 2 days. Though I can’t do 3d modeling or use AutoCAD…

Little fun fact: the stylus on Asus EP121 is very responsive that to the point like a standalone tablet. Even Samsung Ativ Smart PCs are no match with it in terms of responsiveness. Yet Samsung Ativ Smart PC has more levels of pressure sensing, that’s for sure.

New prototype wallpaper

Updated Wallpaper section, now renamed as prototype wallpaper!

This update contains these wallpaper, mostly only for tablet PC with screen resolution 1920*1080, taskbar set on top and wallpaper position set as center. I will explain why all those limitation soon enough.

Wine, thoughts, and computer.

If this is how relax feels – a feeling that makes me feel weak and worry – I shall maintain my tension at certain level, perhaps until I find some place safe, and maybe someone I trust, and then perhaps I will try to drink my third wine again. Well, this is my thought after drinking warm SaKe with a friend who just receive long holiday break from his job. Guess I should try to understand myself a little bit more…

Anyway, I’ve finished writing my second draft of Vaio Duo 11 user experience (something a bit differ than review)  already, but it’s 5 pages long, so I think I need to shorten it first. I probably need to make a short version for other review sites as well.

Vaio Duo 11 User experience write in progress…

I actually was writing Vaio Duo 11 user experience before I started blogging. I need to do few more test (video editing performance and stylus performance on a software recently discovered) to ensure the experience applies to other users. It’s a nice a tablet pc but not a tablet pc for everyone. Keep it in mind that it won’t be a benchmark or technical review.

*12/18UPDATE: The user experience is up now: