No HDCP on Vaio Duo 11 (most of 2012 model) built-in display

Getting very busy lately so I couldn’t blog so often. I even wrote a draft a month ago but haven’t put that up. Anyway, here’s a quick note about Sony Vaio Duo 11.

Perhaps most of user won’t notice this problem until they try to put every task to Duo 11, and discover something’s missing. Don’t know if some English users already pointed this out (Japanese did already), but I guess I better say something about this.

As the topic said, the built-in display of Vaio Duo 11 does not support HDCP, or at least fail to be detected to have HDCP. Which means it most likely cannot play Blu-ray video disc or digital TV… alone. (There’s an exception that certain Japanese model has HDCP built-in) (correct me if anyone finds out another model supports HDCP)

Its HDMI port, however, is support HDCP, and once you connect it to HDCP supported display, Duo 11 can play HDCP content.

Still, I thought Duo 11’s monitor has HDCP and I bought a TV card that capable receiving TV signal outdoor… That really against the definition of mobility…

Yet, I’m quite please that Duo 11 can do TV playback and edit photos in Adobe Lightroom without noticeable speed reduction. I wish Sony could add HDCP on new Duo 11, and probably make a larger version of Duo 11 (might explain my thought on larger version of Duo 11 if I have time)

I hope I’ll have time to blog something else… right now I need to adapt new situation… to live in new place.