Little update…

Guess I’ve just done craziest things in my life… relatively craziest. First, I moved into a new place where I can’t communicate with others effectively. Second, I study new language in my current living place. And third, which doesn’t make sense at all (at least to me), I’ve just bought my 3rd Windows 8 tablet PC within a year, even it uses last year CPU. Doesn’t make sense at all, right?


So… let me share something about my habit on using these computers. From left to right, they’re Microsoft Surface Pro (256GB), a touch-only 128GB flash 2GB RAM AMD-Z60 tablet pc from Mouse Computer, and Sony Vaio Duo 11 (i7 8GB RAM 256GB SSD).

Since Sony Vaio Duo 11 is the fastest tablet PC in here, I usually use it for photo managing (Lightroom 4), digital illustration, and often photo/video sharing. I was once use it to play Bioshock Infinite, but being dragged away by a game that I wanted to review. (speaking of gaming, Duo 11 doesn’t run quite smoothly on higher setting, but it does give me good impression, and hope for future Intel Graphics)

So, about this new but old Microsoft Surface Pro… TV watching and recording, which was the AMD-Z60 tablet’s old job; Note taking, which was Duo 11’s old job, but since Surface Pro has greater responsiveness stylus, it’s better suited for quick notes; Web browsing if I forbid myself to use MacBook Pro; And digital illustration, which… I will do deeper comparison once I have time, but right now it feels like having worse accuracy than Duo 11, and has more tendency get hot from digital illustration.

And that AMD-Z60 tablet PC from mouse computer, which is touch only tablet pc… I hardly find opportunity to use it. Because it’s touch only, I can’t use it for any productive for any kind. I was hoping to use it to record TV program, but it turns out that it might miss, hang, or get very hot for recording TV, which gives me an excuse to buy another tablet pc. It does have nice graphic ability, but its slow CPU basically prevent itself doing anything effectively, and its touch-only, non-dockable limits its use further. However, it does saves me from the days that my Duo 11 was down (probably Duo 11’s SSD was burnt during a TV recording but exact reason is unknown other than the SSD is lost)

That’s all for now. Originally I want to review a game first, but looks like I still haven’t gotten any time to write anything worth a page. And… I might need to change this blog’s name because I talked to much about tablet PC. I remembered that you can create more than one blog in wordpress, right?

btw I’m a bit disappointed by Sony Duo 13 design, wish I have time to explain why. It simply missed what makes Duo 11 a great tablet PC as well as ultrabook.


No HDCP on Vaio Duo 11 (most of 2012 model) built-in display

Getting very busy lately so I couldn’t blog so often. I even wrote a draft a month ago but haven’t put that up. Anyway, here’s a quick note about Sony Vaio Duo 11.

Perhaps most of user won’t notice this problem until they try to put every task to Duo 11, and discover something’s missing. Don’t know if some English users already pointed this out (Japanese did already), but I guess I better say something about this.

As the topic said, the built-in display of Vaio Duo 11 does not support HDCP, or at least fail to be detected to have HDCP. Which means it most likely cannot play Blu-ray video disc or digital TV… alone. (There’s an exception that certain Japanese model has HDCP built-in) (correct me if anyone finds out another model supports HDCP)

Its HDMI port, however, is support HDCP, and once you connect it to HDCP supported display, Duo 11 can play HDCP content.

Still, I thought Duo 11’s monitor has HDCP and I bought a TV card that capable receiving TV signal outdoor… That really against the definition of mobility…

Yet, I’m quite please that Duo 11 can do TV playback and edit photos in Adobe Lightroom without noticeable speed reduction. I wish Sony could add HDCP on new Duo 11, and probably make a larger version of Duo 11 (might explain my thought on larger version of Duo 11 if I have time)

I hope I’ll have time to blog something else… right now I need to adapt new situation… to live in new place.

Little update…

Right now I’m trying to make comparison between tablet PCs of 2 generations (Asus Eee Slate EP121 vs Vaio Duo 11). Actually, I already took some videos which in my opinion matter the most, and having little trouble on editing. Right now the comparison covers these area: Booting and shutting down, digital illustration (stylus performance and processing performance), photo managing, after effects rendering, PC transforming and word processing. If you have any idea for making useful comparison please leave me a comment in 2 days. Though I can’t do 3d modeling or use AutoCAD…

Little fun fact: the stylus on Asus EP121 is very responsive that to the point like a standalone tablet. Even Samsung Ativ Smart PCs are no match with it in terms of responsiveness. Yet Samsung Ativ Smart PC has more levels of pressure sensing, that’s for sure.

New prototype wallpaper

Updated Wallpaper section, now renamed as prototype wallpaper!

This update contains these wallpaper, mostly only for tablet PC with screen resolution 1920*1080, taskbar set on top and wallpaper position set as center. I will explain why all those limitation soon enough.

Wine, thoughts, and computer.

If this is how relax feels – a feeling that makes me feel weak and worry – I shall maintain my tension at certain level, perhaps until I find some place safe, and maybe someone I trust, and then perhaps I will try to drink my third wine again. Well, this is my thought after drinking warm SaKe with a friend who just receive long holiday break from his job. Guess I should try to understand myself a little bit more…

Anyway, I’ve finished writing my second draft of Vaio Duo 11 user experience (something a bit differ than review)  already, but it’s 5 pages long, so I think I need to shorten it first. I probably need to make a short version for other review sites as well.

Vaio Duo 11 User experience write in progress…

I actually was writing Vaio Duo 11 user experience before I started blogging. I need to do few more test (video editing performance and stylus performance on a software recently discovered) to ensure the experience applies to other users. It’s a nice a tablet pc but not a tablet pc for everyone. Keep it in mind that it won’t be a benchmark or technical review.

*12/18UPDATE: The user experience is up now: