Sony Vaio Duo 13 Stylus Hands-on performance

Just grabbed a feeling how Duo 13’s stylus doing, which should be based on newer N-trig stylus technology. In simpler way to describe, it’s a great improvement from Duo 11, in a way that gives me better hope for future.

If you read my blog before, you probably know that I bought Microsoft Surface Pro not long ago for researching computer size matter, as well as Wacom stylus performance. So I probably won’t buy Duo 13 until another new Intel CPU released. However, I found Duo 13’s stylus is quite impressive during my visit of Sony Shop, even without using the usual drawing software to test. Its responsiveness is improved, to the point that enables you to drop notes quickly without worrying about losing word details. It also shows similar to Wacom’s result on quick circle test, which it now has less noticeable jiggles in drawn curves, meaning that it could provide more natural drawing and writing experience that Duo 11 not quite good at. Also, its responsiveness to start inking and stop inking seems improved, that it won’t (or less likely to) left unwanted trail when drawing certain kinds of things require strong pressure at beginning and soft or no pressure at the end of inking. However, its tracking while the stylus is NOT in CONTACT with screen still needs to be improved, because the lag is still noticeable even with improved tracking when contacting and not contacting with screen.

With the biggest weakness of Duo 11’s stylus, slow responsiveness, being solved while preserving if not improving accuracy (can’t tell because it was already very accurate in my opinion), I’m very positive that next working tablet PC I’ll buy would be made by Sony. Unless some interesting idea comes out from other things/brand. For those who hadn’t buy Duo 11 but interested using Duo 13 as a drawing tablet PC, I think Duo 13 is a pretty good to fulfill that role because of its responsive and accurate stylus (more accurate than Wacom based tablet PC from what I’ve experienced, but not Cintq), and rich color display without causing image persistence (at least during my test, which already is an improvement over Duo 11). Wacom should also beware, because N-trig start getting its stylus right.

Though I have to say there’re few things I don’t like on Duo 13’s design…

Here’s a simple video from other for quick reference…