Little update…

Guess I’ve just done craziest things in my life… relatively craziest. First, I moved into a new place where I can’t communicate with others effectively. Second, I study new language in my current living place. And third, which doesn’t make sense at all (at least to me), I’ve just bought my 3rd Windows 8 tablet PC within a year, even it uses last year CPU. Doesn’t make sense at all, right?


So… let me share something about my habit on using these computers. From left to right, they’re Microsoft Surface Pro (256GB), a touch-only 128GB flash 2GB RAM AMD-Z60 tablet pc from Mouse Computer, and Sony Vaio Duo 11 (i7 8GB RAM 256GB SSD).

Since Sony Vaio Duo 11 is the fastest tablet PC in here, I usually use it for photo managing (Lightroom 4), digital illustration, and often photo/video sharing. I was once use it to play Bioshock Infinite, but being dragged away by a game that I wanted to review. (speaking of gaming, Duo 11 doesn’t run quite smoothly on higher setting, but it does give me good impression, and hope for future Intel Graphics)

So, about this new but old Microsoft Surface Pro… TV watching and recording, which was the AMD-Z60 tablet’s old job; Note taking, which was Duo 11’s old job, but since Surface Pro has greater responsiveness stylus, it’s better suited for quick notes; Web browsing if I forbid myself to use MacBook Pro; And digital illustration, which… I will do deeper comparison once I have time, but right now it feels like having worse accuracy than Duo 11, and has more tendency get hot from digital illustration.

And that AMD-Z60 tablet PC from mouse computer, which is touch only tablet pc… I hardly find opportunity to use it. Because it’s touch only, I can’t use it for any productive for any kind. I was hoping to use it to record TV program, but it turns out that it might miss, hang, or get very hot for recording TV, which gives me an excuse to buy another tablet pc. It does have nice graphic ability, but its slow CPU basically prevent itself doing anything effectively, and its touch-only, non-dockable limits its use further. However, it does saves me from the days that my Duo 11 was down (probably Duo 11’s SSD was burnt during a TV recording but exact reason is unknown other than the SSD is lost)

That’s all for now. Originally I want to review a game first, but looks like I still haven’t gotten any time to write anything worth a page. And… I might need to change this blog’s name because I talked to much about tablet PC. I remembered that you can create more than one blog in wordpress, right?

btw I’m a bit disappointed by Sony Duo 13 design, wish I have time to explain why. It simply missed what makes Duo 11 a great tablet PC as well as ultrabook.