Asus Eee Slate EP121 vs Sony Vaio Duo 11

It might be not making sense, but yes, comparison between two tablet PCs of two generations. Reasons why I buy a new tablet pc. Mostly because of hardware improvements.

Hope this video gives you better understand what current tablet PC capable to do. While there are still lots of complaints about Windows 8’s new interface and hardware limitation (in many ways), my only complaint is about stylus performance. That Asus EP121’s stylus actually outperforms most 2012 tablet PC. Hope 2013 will not be same.

In addition to performance comparison between Vaio Duo 11 and Asus Eee Slate EP121, I’d like to point out my usage comparison of these tablet pc.

I mainly use EP121 for digital illustration, sometimes photo sharing, but that’s pretty much the only things I do with EP121. Mainly because of its limited processing power and memory space. After I installed most but not all necessary software on EP121, it only has 10GB space left, which is too dangerous to add more roles for EP121. At that time I haven’t start messing with watercolor painting and pattern painting, so it mostly able to catch up my usage.

Duo 11, on the other hand, I use it not only for digital illustration and photo sharing, but also photo managing, music playing, video sharing, and sometimes word processing, though its keyboard is not great for that. Probably the buffed processing power and SSD space allow me to do much more things than before, not to mention that I don’t even know watercolor painting require significant processing power until lately (more like doing comparison). I tried to edit video on Duo 11 as well, it runs fairly smooth, until I use RGB Curve and start rendering video clips. That said, it’s more versatile tablet pc but maintain the balance between processing power and weight, thanks to technology advance.

I’d like to mention that EP121 wasn’t my first tablet PC. HP T-something, it was. It use the same Intel Core i5 470U as Asus EP121, 4GB Ram, with extra AMD Radeon HD, but also bulker design and weight, sadly, worse screen too. At that moment, I realized that if I need a tablet pc for digital illustration, the tablet pc needs a decent screen, acceptable weight, and acceptable processing power. Now I’d say a tablet pc  need to offer processing power that able to do most paint simulation instantly/in real time, the stylus should be responsive and accurate, the screen has to be nice enough for digital illustration, better if able to represent full range of Adobe RGB accurately, while maintain mobility and connectivity in public.

The more I research, the more I like Duo 11, even though it might not suit other users for various reasons, and many are unable to take advantage of Sony special slider design or what Windows 8 offer. But again, I still wouldn’t recommend Duo 11 for anyone who doesn’t have interests on digital illustration that many users are.

Here’re some extra comparison for word processing…


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