Sony RX1 User Experience


If you have read my Vaio Duo 11 User experience, you might wonder why I can take decent photos even showing my main productive camera, Sony A77, in one of my vaio duo 11 photos. That’s because I used something in a sense better than Sony A77, the Sony RX1, my first full-frame camera.

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Cosplay in Asia Game Show 2012

Don’t know if you ever heard Asia Game Show before, it’s a… growing game show held in Hong Kong, mainly display Sony’s Platform games (Hong Kong does have another game show display Xbox 360’s) and for some reasons plenty of cosplayers joined the show this year, keeping my hands busy in these 4 days (Dec 21-24).



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Vaio Duo 11 User Experience (sort of review)

Vaio Duo 11 (i7 8GB 256GB SSD) User Experience (Last update: 1/28/2013)

Vaio Duo 11 the black beauty. Of 2012.

Vaio Duo 11 the black beauty. Of 2012.

The Good:

Accurate stylus* even at edge. Nicely weighted stylus help you controlling pen pressure. Ultrabook class performance which actually provide enough horsepower to do light creative works. Cool-looking design* that helped somewhat in cramped place such as bus and train. Crystal Clear Bright 1080p IPS monitor with 190dpi. Quiet at most of time. Nice weight balance which means no issues on switching from tablet to laptop. Back-lit Keyboard for such a thin base. Standard plug-in slots that provides all necessary accessibility for daily life without needs of adaptor. Powerhouse for tablet PC in 2012.

The Bad:

Slow refresh rate on stylus which cause jitter if pen movement is too fast. Also, writing details might missed at some points. Stylus (Pen pressure) does not support on some major graphic apps that use only WinTabs like Adobe’s. Not so impressive battery life for ultrabook (while it’s above average in ultrabook/tablet hybrid when released). Optical Track Point isn’t user-friendly. The base is a little bit sloppy to hold. The monitor is relatively weak on displaying blue color. Monitor can have image persistence easily. Fixed monitor angle. Weight is not light enough to be hold with one arm for a long time for note taking comfort. Bad camera.


It’s a new step for Sony and convertible tablet PC; it’s near ideal, near business friendly, and near perfect computer for creative amateurs (maybe workers as well) with few compromises that keep it from best choice of laptop/tablet pc in 2012. It does, however, one of the best choice for ultrabook/tablet hybrid as well as Windows 8 machine, and is a good example for Windows 8 machines.


Before I begin I should clarify that this is a user experience repot and/or feedback, not a benchmark or single use testing, and may write too much or too less things on certain aspect. You may consider this as something more or less than review, but this is a writing about how I use and feel about the thing I write.

This user experience could be a little bit too long for some readers to read, but I don’t think I can omit some details.

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Wine, thoughts, and computer.

If this is how relax feels – a feeling that makes me feel weak and worry – I shall maintain my tension at certain level, perhaps until I find some place safe, and maybe someone I trust, and then perhaps I will try to drink my third wine again. Well, this is my thought after drinking warm SaKe with a friend who just receive long holiday break from his job. Guess I should try to understand myself a little bit more…

Anyway, I’ve finished writing my second draft of Vaio Duo 11 user experience (something a bit differ than review)  already, but it’s 5 pages long, so I think I need to shorten it first. I probably need to make a short version for other review sites as well.

Vaio Duo 11 User experience write in progress…

I actually was writing Vaio Duo 11 user experience before I started blogging. I need to do few more test (video editing performance and stylus performance on a software recently discovered) to ensure the experience applies to other users. It’s a nice a tablet pc but not a tablet pc for everyone. Keep it in mind that it won’t be a benchmark or technical review.

*12/18UPDATE: The user experience is up now:

Windows 8 tablet pc quick buying guide

It might be strange to start a blog with a buying guide, but since Christmas is coming I think I should share what I think about possible gift. Or present. Or deal. I don’t know which fits, yet I think Windows 8 tablet PC could be the one.


(Left: Asus EP121 with ArtRage 3.5.5, Right: Sony Vaio Duo 11 with Photoshop CS5)

Before you buy Windows tablet PC you should first consider two things:

Are you going to drop notes with tablet PC?

Are you going to draw digital illustration on the go?

If none of the above questions is yes, you might shouldn’t consider buying a windows tablet pc. If you take yes to drop notes only, you can consider to buy a tablet PC, but Samsung galaxy note 10.1 is a better choice in this case. If you take yes to digital illustration on the go, you may consider to buy windows tablet PC. While 2nd generation of Atom and 3rd generation of core i3 has enough processing power for basic digital illustration, you may consider tablet PC with better CPU for more versatile daily use.

This buying guide introduces only tablet pc with stylus because without stylus it’s not worth to buy a computer with extra cost on touch screen. Well, this is my opinion anyway.

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Hi there! I’ve planned to start a new blog for a while but never get started. Too much things in my mind but never get it right and get it started. Guess I have to give it a try anyway.

I guess I’ll be posting some thoughts about computers, and maybe gaming too, as well as photography, and more. Need to learn blogging first, I guess.